Who are Tim Cahill’s new team, Shanghai Shenhua?

Tim Cahill signs with Chinese Super League side Shanghai Shenhua
Shanghai night field

When Tim Cahill takes the field for Shanghai [more…]

This Detroit man must walk 33 kilometres a day for his commute. So the internet is trying to help.

James Robertson, 56, of Detroit. Getting to and from his factory job more than 30 km on foot. Photo: Ryan Garza James Robertson [more…]

Jimmy Fallon takes lip-sync battle to new level with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart

Will Ferrell hamming it up to Beyonce's song Drunk in Love.Forget Katy Perry's lion-mounting Super Bowl halftime show, it was her other performance at [more…]

Low rates underpin $22 billion shopping centre merger

The merger WILL cost money to implement. Low interest rates are a major force behind the $22 billion merger that shopping centre owner Federation [more…]

How long does it take for food poisoning symptoms to appear?

Real thing: Can you tell real cinnamon from the cheaper cassia bark? Photo: iStock Cooked rice can be a breeding ground for bugs, [more…]

Watch: Tony Abbott cops grilling from new chief spin doctor Mark Simkin on paid parental leave scheme

From journalist to spinner [more…] Mark Simkin applauds as Prime Minister Tony Abbott takes the stage to address the National Press Club of Australia [more…]

Insurance company workers caught in Christchurch office sex romp by patrons watching from pub

Left the lights on: The March Ltd office workers inadvertently put on a show for patrons at a nearby bar. Photo: [more…]

Australian journalist Peter Greste speaks of euphoria at release and concern for colleagues still imprisoned in Egypt

Peter Greste (right) and co-defendants, Al-Jazeera English producer Baher Mohamed, left, Canadian-Egyptian acting Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Fahmy, centre, during their trial for allegedly [more…]

Plan to relax entry requirements for foreign workers is drawing fire from Australian unions

Proposals to revamp visa rules for foreign workers will be attacked by the union movement as a "thinly veiled attempt" to give employers a [more…]

Southern oceans play major role in absorbing world’s excess heat, study finds

Oceans store about 93 per cent of the extra heat taken up by Earth. Photo: Max Mason-Hubers Oceans store about 93 per cent [more…]

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